Russia Is Preparing To Open Its Doors For International Students

In a recent news, Russia has unveiled a bold education strategy that aims to encourage study abroad aspirants from all over the world to consider Russian universities for their higher education needs.

Highlights of the plan are as follows:

1.  The Russian government will invest US $83.5 m towards increasing the number of international students from 220,000 right now to 710,000 in 2025.

2.  The idea is to increase the number of foreign students enrollment in online courses offered by Russian universities to 3.5 million.

3. This initiative will encourage investment in both campus-based and online curricula development for foreign students in the English language. About 20 universities are participating in this initiative to develop study programs aimed at international students and gearing up to boost international recruitment.

4. The initiative aims to invest a large amount of money in developing the education providers campus infrastructure as well.

5.  VISA: One of the most important aspects of this initiative is to introduce a three-year visa for international students as opposed to their current three-month visas that are renewable for up to a year. 

In order to ensure a competitive advantage in the world market of educational programs of Russian universities, it seems justified to provide for the possibility of issuing multiple training visas for not more than three years reads a memo from the deputy minister for education and science, Pavel Zenkovich.

6. CITIZENSHIP: The initiative has planned to offer citizenship under simplified procedures to foreign students with the highest grades. 

7. The Russian government has planned to offer concrete incentives to study in the country like scholarships for international students.

8. Encouraging foreign faculty to teach on Russian campuses and building international educational partnerships with overseas institutions are also a part of the initiative. 

9. Also, the government plans to offer single platform website containing all information on Russian education providers. 

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