Would you choose a job over an Engineering degree?

Training young minds right out of school with the most updated and industry focussed syllabi. Not to mention employment prospects right after successful course completion.

While there are a lot of complaints about the gap between the institute and industry, there is an Indian company – Zoho that visits government-run schools in and around cities such as Coimbatore, Madurai, Pollachi, and Chennai in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu, and conducts aptitude tests and interviews. Those who qualify are offered seats for the 18-month programme at ZU, and a job at the end of the period, subject to successful completion of the courses.

While this may sound promising to kids and parents aspiring to consider employment as their career choice, what if the kid’s mind is still unsure of the options available to them?

Wouldn’t they lose the much-needed exposure that only education can offer? What might happen to the creative skills that they may possess? What might happen to the future of research activities if young minds are trained to fit into a company’s mould and need?

Isn’t it too early for students to pick something as a career?

This violates the need for a 4-year-training and experience that young minds must cultivate and use to face the world. This education period is not just about learning skills needed for a job but from a broader perspective, this is essential for character-building as well.

While I sincerely applaud the company’s approach and strategy, I am not quite sure if this model is the best for young minds. Like the article says, for aspirational India, a facility like ZU is a stairway out of a troubled loop but what if all the companies follow this model? This thought scares me if at all it was to happen, India will be a country of Engineering minds trained to fit a company’s mould!

I’d rather use this intense training towards the end of their education in a college when the individual is mature enough to pick a career of their choice.

What do you think?

Nithya Prabu

Team, Lurnable.

Article Courtesy: Quartz

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