Parents want the best for their children, specifically when it comes to education. Sending your child to a residential school is perhaps the hardest decision because it has logistical, emotional, and financial implications. You will have to bear in mind the fees, distance and travel time, and expenses first. Additionally, the thought of sending your child away, sometimes overseas, can be emotionally taxing. However, the decision makes sense if it is about building a bright future for your child.

Once you are all set to leap, choosing the right residential school will be on top of your mind. While the quality of education, location, and cost will be the primary decision drivers, there are many more factors to consider. After all, you will have to part with a young child, sending them to a live-in institution. You will expect the place to be perfect in all ways. Here are the facilities and features you should look for in a residential school.


The pandemic has been an eye-opener in many ways, and the main focus right now is on health and hygiene. The first feature in your list should be hygiene maintenance because you expect your child to be safe from infectious diseases. Most residential schools understand these expectations, and they are going the extra mile with their sanitation measures. They want parents to trust them enough as they open the doors for students in the new normal.


While stringent sanitation protocols can keep your child safe, the school must also have excellent emergency medical aids to address a critical situation. You can well imagine how stressful things can get if a medical emergency occurs and there aren’t adequate arrangements to deal with them. The virus has proved that the world isn’t safe enough. You cannot ignore the risks of sports injuries and accidents in school labs too. Double-check to ensure that the school has the risks covered.


It is a no-brainer because quality education is perhaps the single most important reason for sending your child away. Fortunately, you can gather vital information about educational facilities on school websites to shortlist your options. A tour of the classrooms and a good look at study material can make you more confident about sealing the deal. You can go a step further by reading reviews and recommendations.


Quality education is one of the most crucial factors to look for, but you cannot undermine the importance of sports facilities. After all, you expect the all-around development of your child, and sports play a vital role. They keep one fit and foster a spirit of healthy competition. Moreover, your young one may want to explore a career in sports eventually. Make sure that the school has enough options to offer.


Like sports, extracurricular activities go a long way in promoting the holistic development of young minds. They foster confidence and encourage children to explore their hidden potential. Most residential schools mention a list of activities on their website, so do check it before finalising. Look for ones like singing, dancing, playing instruments, self-defence, and more.


Accommodation is another significant consideration when deciding the best residential school for your child. Go through the facilities provided in the hostel rooms for residents. Ensure they align with your child’s basic daily routine. Additionally, the rooms should be airy, clean, and comfortable. They must be spacious and well-lighted so that the child can concentrate on studies.


Being away from home can make boarders homesick at some point. As a parent, you should ensure that the child has access to entertainment so that they feel happy and de-stressed. Ideally, the schools should have a music room, TV room, library, and games room. Ask explicitly whether they organise activities to keep the students engaged.


Technology is another amenity you cannot miss out on because it is the need of the hour. With the virus still being around, the school may have to switch to a hybrid model in the future. It is vital to ensure they have the right technologies in place to match the challenge of the pandemic. Even if things go smoothly, tech-enabled education is a plus for kids.


Safety is always a top concern for parents who send their children to another location. Check for the security measures in place at the location. Ensure it is reliable enough with the right type of security equipment, precautions against incidents like fire and physical attacks, and availability of guards at the entrances. If they are in place, you will have peace of mind.


Apart from campus security, surveillance is another essential for a residential school for kids. It entails keeping an eye on each student to ensure they do not get involved in unwanted activities. You can rest assured that your child does not pick wrong habits or fall into bad company.

If you plan to send your child to a residential school, you must seek quality education in a safe environment. Finding the perfect option is less daunting than you imagine. Just follow this checklist, and you are good to go. Listen to your instincts, and don’t fall for promotions.

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