Biology is a popular degree subject and is the study of living creatures; it is heavily concerned with health and science so most tend to take career routes in this area, though this doesn’t mean there aren’t other options for you. The common jobs many people become are academic researcher, microbiologist, pharmacologist, marine biologist, and many others.

Here is one of the most popular careers graduates go on to after finishing their degree in biology, their job goals, and how much they earn. The handy tables below each section will tell you the approximate ultimate earning potential you can expect, the likely career progression path you might follow to do that career – and the top ten employers hiring candidates.


A science writer is somebody who writes about the latest news and developments in different academic areas. This means that they are always keen to know what the newest story is. 

Like most writers, this career will involve plenty of research, editing and of course writing in your daily tasks. The sort of things you'll be writing for is scientific journals, the media, blogs, and professional/ formal publications. Even though this may not seem like a job that someone with a biology degree might do, the fact is that you almost certainly need to have a degree in one of the sciences in order to be successful.  

This career requires you to comprehend complex data, information, and theories, where you'll have to translate them for your audience who may not have the same academic background as you. You'll be expected to meet and interview people in the academic field like scientists, so it can be quite a social position to have. As such, it’s essential for you to have great communication skills.  


Position in Career  Associated Salary (US)  
Entry Level  
Like many careers in the working world, this is another one where there are no strict rules on how to work as one. The basics are that you must earn your bachelor’s degree in biology or a related subject, and make sure that you have decided on what area you want to write in specifically.  
An experienced science writer would make sure to read plenty of other journal articles and pieces of writing, not only to stay up to date but take the opportunity to improve their own writing.  
As you progress in your career, you'll be able to network and have chances to make yourself known in the science writing community. What you can do to advance your career is joining or get a membership in a professional organisation. 


  1. Phoenix Children's Hospital 
  2. University of Idaho 
  3. Piper Companies 
  4. University of Florida 
  5. The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center 
  6. UCLA School of Law 
  7. St. Jude Children's Research Hospital 
  8. Corteva Agriscience 
  9. National Comprehensive Cancer Network 
  10. NOVA Research Company 
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