A degree in health studies can include a variety of remedies to certain issues as well as the best start on a career path in health and social care, education, or wellbeing.  


Health studies is a degree that is often considered and pursued by prospective students around the world. This is usually because it opens so many doorways for the future; it’s one of the only degree subjects that has such a broad variety of career options. You might be considering this degree yourself, which means you probably have an interest in science or healthcare. That’s another great thing about this degree subject, as not everyone wants to follow the traditional route of becoming a doctor or going into medicine, but with this degree, you can still have a career in healthcare.  

Health studies is a degree which allows you to go into many different career pathways because the skills it helps you develop will be transferable and very desirable in multiple kinds of jobs. Health studies is a subject concerned with health – as you probably have already guessed. It requires good time management and organisation, as well as a genuine desire to improve the lives of people.  


Health-related jobs are a very rewarding career path to take, as are most jobs in the health sector. There are not many jobs where you'll be directly working for people and be able to see first-hand the massive difference you'll make. For international students, it means that you can be confident in securing a role wherever you go in the US, as despite the competition, there are always employers in different sectors where a health studies degree would be handy in impressing.  

This degree would give you a strong foundation in health and social care, as well as healthcare and law, allowing you to flourish with a starting career in wellbeing or anything similar you're aiming for.  


There are innumerable kinds of jobs you can go into with a degree as wonderfully broad as this, but here are some of the most typical ones international graduates choose in the US: 

  • Health Service Manager 
  • Medical Sales Representative 
  • Care Worker  
  • Personal Trainer 
  • Social Worker 
  • Physician Associate 
  • Youth Worker 
  • Counsellor 
  • Education Mental Health Practitioner 
  • Adult Education Teacher 

If you want to find out more about these careers take a look at the tables below, which show you the approximate earning potential as an international graduate in the US along with the top ten employers. 


Top employers everywhere often want the same thing and look for similar qualities in their candidates. They also have things that they aren’t fond of, such as a lack of work experience or a lack of any previous experience, in general, relating to their chosen career field. Employers usually want candidates who are not perfect but are willing and motivated to be as good as they can be in their jobs, as well as work lives. Seeing as a health studies degree can open so many different doors in your future, it only shows the absolutely huge range of options you have, which only makes the work experience more important.  

Unfortunately for international graduates – or graduates in general – a degree is no longer sufficient in getting you a job on its own. This is because of the fierce competition between them all, so employers really do look for the things that differentiate one graduate from another. The main factor would be work experience as mentioned before, as it showcases your genuine willingness and passion for taking initiative. Even better is that they aren’t too fussy about where you do your work experience or a volunteer since the skills you develop are transferable, so you can just do what you enjoy while improving your resume at the same time.  

In conclusion, as an international graduate looking for work in the US with a degree in health studies, your only problem may be having too many options to choose from rather than too few as you may have been expecting. These career profiles are not the limit to your options and should only give you a taste of the type of careers that are on offer for you. Despite this, your degree can help you go into many career paths that are not directly related to your degree subject, even ones you believe to be not an option for you. Remember that your limits are only decided by you, and not by others.  

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