If you love history and culture, a career in the field sets you up for following your passion. In fact, it can also make you good money. So pursuing a degree in museology may be a great decision. We have already covered the course options and best institutes in India for museology studies in the first part of this series.

But it is imperative to give young career aspirants some insights on the career prospects in the field. The best thing is that you can do more than work in a museum, restoring and preserving artefacts and arranging exhibitions, by picking this career option. There are several other interdisciplinary fields you can explore. Let us explain the career prospects for a museologist in detail.


The most obvious career option after completing museology studies is to work as a museum curator. In this role, you will have to look after administrative duties such as displaying and managing the artefacts, creating collections, and organizing exhibitions. But you can explore more roles in the industry. Here are a few options-

  • Conservation specialist: The role specializes in preserving art objects and monuments. A conservation specialist detects decay happening in artefacts and addresses them with apt preservation measures.
  • Design consultant- A design consultant provides advice on creating product displays and assists in marketing processes. As a professional, you can work in museums and retail stores.
  • Archivist- An archivist assesses, collects, organizes, preserves, and provides access to records and archives having long-term value.
  • Author- If you have a literary penchant, you can become an author and write on history and art.
  • Archeologist- You can work in the field and visit heritage sites, excavate them for ancient materials, and conduct research. Archeologists also study subjects like numismatics and epigraphy.
  • Historian- Historians study ideas, theories, methodologies, institutions, and events. They research written documents, examine photographs, and study objects to collect evidence. As a historian, you can also get into the education field or work with government organizations.


Museology, history, archeology, and cultural heritage are unconventional career fields that may seem challenging to pursue. However, you need to navigate the industry just like any other field. Here are the key steps to building a career in museology.

Select a relevant course

You need to start by picking a relevant course in museology, archaeology, or history according to your interest. An undergraduate degree after completing school is the first step, and you can also pursue master's and doctoral degrees for higher education in the field. You can also study museology after graduation by opting for certificate courses offering specialization in this field.

Pick internship opportunities

A flourishing career in museology requires essential skills such as aesthetic sense, proficiency in foreign languages, and a good know-how of history and artifacts. The best way to acquire these skills is to do industry internships. You can apply to government and private museums for internship opportunities. Working first-hand gives you a fair idea about specific job roles and helps you take your pick.

Apply for jobs

Once you have completed your studies and internships, you will be in a good place to choose a field of interest. At this stage, you can apply for jobs according to your career aspirations. You may also add more specializations to your profile and expand your horizons as you go.


Besides completing a formal degree in museology and gaining hands-on experience as an intern, you must work on specific skills to build a career in the industry. Some skills are inborn, while others have to be cultivated and honed over time. Here is a list you must work on to become a successful museologist-

  • Ability to gather and analyse information
  • Aesthetic skills and good colour vision
  • A good knowledge of foreign languages
  • A scientific insight to understand materials
  • Patience and attention to detail
  • An interest in artefacts

Museology can be a financially rewarding career, but the real inspiration comes from interest and aptitude in the field. Moreover, one may get to travel and gain recognition in the industry. While the journey seems long and daunting, you can enjoy every step along the way and see the world from a different perspective.

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