Maths is a frequently chosen subject at degree level and is popular with students in younger years as well. 

It’s stereotypically known for being a subject traditionally challenging, but with hard work, it’s a realistic subject if you want it to be. Many people don’t really know what careers there are associated with this degree, and while it is certainly not impossible to branch out into sectors unrelated to your degree, maths has several lucrative career paths if you choose to do it at university.

Some of these jobs could be in research, software engineering or statistics. Mostly, however, mathematicians are popular candidates for employers as they gain highly sought-after skills that make them well suited to almost any problem-solving job. This makes it well worth considering and learning more about maths at the degree level. This article will be focused on the role of a financial manager, their earning potential, and the recommended employers to help you get there after your degree.


A financial manager is concerned with business and decisions regarding businesses. They are people who offer guidance and appropriate support to others who need it, usually in the form of making advantageous financial decisions.  

As you can imagine, having a maths degree would be extremely beneficial for this role, as it revolves largely around numbers and financial analysis. There are many places you could work in too, meaning that you can explore different areas and find the one that’s right for you. These include retailers, businesses, manufacturing, charities, and international organisations.  

Moreover, your duties can also be just as varied. Depending on how large the company you work for is, your role can be suited to adapt to the position. Generally, you’ll be tasked with giving financial advice, interpreting trends, forming long-term business-related plans, and evaluating competitors. 


Position in Career  Associated Salary (US)  
Entry Level  
To begin your career in this sector, you will need to be a graduate with a bachelor’s degree that is relevant to this career path, such as maths, economics, management, or accountancy. However, this career path is open to nearly all graduates who are willing to learn and train on the job. 
Newly qualified means that your salary will increase once you begin working in public service. However, remember that your salary will heavily rely on outside factors, like the location and what company you work for. You can also acquire membership in a professional organisation since it shows your long-term commitment and passion for the role. 
An experienced financial manager has worked in the industry typically for at least a decade and has higher salaries. However, they have a great level of responsibility too, meaning that they have specialist knowledge by pursuing a postgraduate degree. Though this isn’t compulsory, it may help you gain an advantage over others. 


  1. Marriott Vacations Worldwide 
  2. Apple 
  3. Louis Vuitton 
  4. The Walt Disney Company 
  5. Micron 
  6. University of North Texas 
  7. The Queen's Medical Center 
  8. Stanford Health Care 
  9. Liberty Mutual Insurance 
  10. MU Health Care 

In conclusion, as a maths graduate your options are never going to be limited – whatever path you decide to pursue, and you now know that there are multiple ways of finding a job. Whether you want to teach maths in another country or work in a global organisation abroad, international graduates and regular ones have many opportunities ahead of them. Most employers in this sector accept employees from all areas, so don’t allow your degree to restrict your view for the future. With a little perseverance, you’ll no doubt reach your goal and dream career as a new graduate.

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