Aligning operations towards opportunities

This is a two-step process wherein we will take a detailed look into the opportunities again and align your operations model according to them.

Setting your international strategies

  • How we help

    We will identify your key opportunities and analyse them against your global objectives. We advise on the areas of focus and prioritise your resources and investment to help accelerate your growth plans. After realising your opportunities you will also be advised on the best practices and tactics to leverage them.

  • Our Promise

    At the end of the first step of this process, you would have a set of guidelines and principles that will give you a detailed insight into the high-growth opportunities and tools and tactics to leverage them for your educational institution in the international market.

    • Identifying Collaboration Partners
    • Academic Exchange Programmes
    • Bespoke Training Workshops
    • Faculty & Students Exchange Programmes
    • Delivering Skills Development Courses
    • Identifying Institutional Partners
    • Investment Opportunities
    • Overseas Business Establishment
    • International Acquisitions
    • Agents & Consultants Appointment
    • Student Recruitment Plans

Operations & Functions

  • How we help

    We will help you create a complete operational plan to meet your international strategies. Be it identifying key personnel within your institution or hiring someone externally, training them to understand the best practices of internationalisation of your educational institution and aligning complete functioning of the international student recruitment practices with your current recruitment process. In short, we will help you create your very own international office within your educational institution.

  • Our Promise

    We promise to deliver all the functions of your educational institution’s international strategy including:

    • Creating an International Office
    • Designing a bespoke International Policy Document
    • Identifying & Training International Team
    • International Student Recruitment
    • International Admissions
    • Student Retention
    • Agents & International Partnerships Management
    • Marketing & Digital Marketing Plans
    • Managing & Mitigating Risks
    • Reputation Management

    The work culminates in the production of a set of guidelines and principles which we refer to as our “where to play” plan. It is at this point we can begin to document exactly how you will take advantage of your biggest opportunities for long term growth.

Our Work
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