Teachers who as you may know, are people tasked with inspiring young children’s minds and helping them grow and learn. English graduates often take this path, as it is probably the most obvious route to take after completing an English degree. As a teacher, you’ll be responsible for the lesson plans and learning of children, ensuring that it is following the appropriate curriculum. Aside from that, you will have to do this by maintaining good relationships with students, keeping updated on learning resources and ensuring health and safety.

Other very important tasks you’ll have are helping children develop their social and developmental skills while keeping in mind their age and ability. Other duties you may have already guessed are also related to classroom activities, such as recording progress and guiding students to prepare for national exams. All in all, your role will be around children and helping them reach their maximum potential.

One thing to keep in mind is that there is more than one type of teacher, as working in education is a broad and varied career. For example, if being a teacher in school isn’t for you, you could work with older children or even adults. As a teacher, you could teach in colleges, and universities or just one-to-one as a private tutor to someone learning English in another country, meaning that this can be a perfect role for international graduates who are interested in travelling.

Working in at a college or university has similar job responsibilities, like planning and preparing lessons, but there are significant differences in each role, as there are amongst all teaching careers. Remember that even with the same type of job, they’ll always be slight differences that make every job a unique experience.

Academic careers are very popular with many graduates with English degrees, and many of them find employment here than in other industries. Have a look below at how you can become each one of these positions and the salary along with it!

Ultimate Earning Potential for International Students in the US

Position in CareerAssociated Salary (US)
Entry Level School Teacher To achieve the position of a qualified schoolteacher in the US, you must have completed a bachelor’s degree in psychology or the subject you wish to focus on teaching. You may also wish to do a postgraduate too. Apart from that, you'll need to gain some experience in teaching, in an internship of otherwise. Lastly, don’t forget to apply for a teaching licence.  $49,000
College Teacher  College teachers teach students, typically at a university. To teach here, you’ll need to have a teaching qualification as well as a bachelor’s and master’s degree. As you gain experience and rise to senior and leading positions, your ultimate salary can rise much higher.  $80,000
Private Tutor If you’re unsure whether teaching large classes or groups of people is for you, then don’t worry because you can still teach by becoming a private tutor! There are no standard or right methods you need to follow to be a private tutor. However, you need to have a great deal of information and knowledge about psychology or the relevant subject in order to teach it – this means a bachelor’s degree. You can gain experience as you work, and your salary will depend on your experience too. Many private tutors are self-employed so your career progress will be limitless!$37,000

Top 10 Employers

  1. Your Personal Professor
  2. Learner
  3. Sylvan Learning
  4. The University of Texas Health Science Center
  5. StudyPoint
  6. Ivy Inspiration
  7. Sunnyside Tutoring
  8. Quincy Public Schools
  9. Renton Technical College
  10. Biddeford Schools

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