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Leverage our data-driven platform, innovative tools, and
lucrative commission model to unlock new revenue
streams and make a lasting impact on students' lives.

Benefits of

Shape Lucrative Commissions: Earn from 10% to 25% on successful student enrollments, maximising your return on investment.

Shape Data-Driven Growth: Access our vast database of 45,000+ graduate jobs, 126,000+ courses, and 36,000+ schools, enabling you to target the right audience with high conversion rates.

Shape Innovative Tools: Utilise our AI-powered Atri career advisor and 1400+ assessments to provide students with personalised guidance, enhancing their decision-making and increasing your referrals.

Shape Impactful Partnerships: Become part of a select group of high-quality partners, aligning with Lurnable's commitment to excellence and creating a positive ripple effect in the education landscape.

Shape Brand Reputation Boost: Associate your brand with a trusted leader in education and career guidance, elevating your credibility and attracting new leads.

Benefit +

More than just numbers...

We understand that a successful partnership goes beyond commission rates. That's why we offer:

Flexible Models: Choose from Referral, Collaborative, or Affiliate partnerships to tailor your engagement to your unique strengths and goals.

Shape Dedicated Support: Our experienced team is here to provide you with ongoing training, resources, and marketing support, ensuring your success.

Shape Exclusive Network: Connect with other industry leaders and collaborate on innovative projects, expanding your reach and impact.

Shape Shared Success: Together, we can empower students to make informed choices about their future, leading to a brighter education landscape for all.

Partnership Models

Building a partnership with Lurnable should feel like finding the perfect pair of shoes - comfortable, supportive, and propelling you to reach your full potential. That's why we offer a diverse range of models, each tailored to your unique strengths and goals. Let's step into the world of Lurnable partnerships and discover your ideal match:

Referral Runner

Are you a trusted voice in your community, with a knack for connecting people to valuable resources?

The Referral Model is your sprint track. Simply direct potential students to the Lurnable platform, and watch your earnings take off with generous commissions on successful enrollments. You'll need minimal investment, just your passion and influence, to make a big impact on students' lives and your bottom line.

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Collaborative Climber

Do you possess deep expertise in education or career guidance, and dream of co- creating impactful solutions?

The Collaborative Model is your mountain to conquer. Join hands with Lurnable to develop customised assessments, courses, or advisory services, leveraging our data and expertise to reach broader horizons. Share your unique knowledge, expand your reach, and witness the collective impact on student success.

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Affiliate Architect

Do you have a thriving platform or network buzzing with students seeking guidance?

The Affiliate Model is your blueprint for success. Seamlessly integrate our resources and tools into your ecosystem, empowering your users with access to Lurnable's vast database of opportunities and personalised tools. You'll benefit from increased user engagement, enhanced brand reputation, and potentially, revenue sharing as students embark on their journeys with Lurnable.

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