A database administrator may be another one of those jobs that you’ve never heard of but do have very important roles to do. 

They use specific software and techniques to manage and keep the security of a database maintained. This would include planning how to do this, establishing consistency, as well as following methods that would implement them online.

If you decide to become a database administrator, your duties will be varied and notable class='table table-striped', such as exploring the needs of users, developing recovery plans, commissioning, installing management systems, and working with colleagues or other professionals.

Your career path would be up to you, as working in this sector means that you can work for a company or decide to work for other areas. As a database administrator, you can choose to work in the financial sector, investment, or banking – but your salary will always depend on your location regardless of which sector you work in.

Ultimate Earning Potential for International Students in the US

Position in CareerAssociated Salary (US)
Entry Level You can become a database administrator by having a bachelor’s in computer science or another relevant subject, like maths or computer software. Whatever degree you choose, make sure you focus on your IT skills as much as you can! $48,000
Experienced An experienced database administrator has excellent IT and analytical skills, where they can gain knowledge and experience that supplements their career. They usually start out gaining experience in the IT industry and then transferring their skills to other roles.$74,000
Senior You can reach a senior position as a database administrator and increase your salary after several years of working in the industry. You might have to pursue a postgraduate qualification to boost your knowledge.$111,000

Top 10 Employers

  1. One Call
  2. Deloitte
  3. UCLA Health
  4. InterImage
  5. Group O
  6. Royal Caribbean Group
  7. Saks
  8. University of Maryland
  9. JPMorgan Chase Bank
  10. Dataquest
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