Media studies is a well-known and loved subject chosen by students in the UK, because of the diverse topics it teaches.

You'll be looking at the unique way different forms of media operate daily; this includes film, print and TV, and the way it impacts our society. We see media every day, and it is such an important tool and method of communication, that we often forget about the finer points of it. In media studies in the UK, you'll be learning about major influences that affect society and how the media conveys information to the public.  

In the current world today where technology and innovation increases, skills such as these become more popular and in demand. Media studies give you the opportunity to develop these sought-after skills and ultimately be successful in the world of work. You'll learn how to think critically about the media and different perspectives around us, as well as the interactions of other subjects with each other.


If you're someone who is creative and therefore particularly enjoys the creative side of media studies, then perhaps photography is a good career choice for you. In fact, it may not be a job that people consider at first when graduating from media studies, but photographers are essential in advertising and social media – which is a big part in marketing and media. 

Photographers are not just people who take pictures, but experts and professionals who know how to take a product or a scene and turn it into a visual attraction. In terms of media, you could work in advertising and design, where you'll be working with others in capturing images that best display their meaning to the audience.  

There are different areas you could work in as a photographer, such as fashion, corporate advertising and more. Regardless of your employer, you'll be responsible for working with clients and using special equipment to get the best possible shots.  

Ultimate Earning Potential for International Students in the UK 

Position in Career  Associated Salary (UK)  
Entry Level  
Many people who start out in this career path usually do so as an assistant. This is because it gives you the best opportunity to learn from someone more experienced and become accustomed to the responsibilities.  
£16,000 - £22,000 
Even though you don’t necessarily need to have a degree, in most cases having education or background in this area would be advantageous.  
£22,000 - £25,000 
Your salary will increase along with the years of experience you have, as you will become more well known and sought after. Since competition is fierce, it may be beneficial to consider a postgraduate qualification in the future too.  
£25,000 - £65,000 

Top 10 Employers  

  1. FocalAgent 
  2. Dreamer PostProduction Limited 
  3. Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust 
  4. Guardian News & Media 
  5. Department for Transport 
  6. Dr Martens 
  7. Hakkasan Group 
  8. Mindful Chef 
  9. Syneos Health 
  10. Foxtons 


Media studies is a common degree international students and students in the UK do, and consequently, so are careers in this sector. It is such a creative and vibrant subject, and allows the jobs directly associated with it to be just as creative. This means that employers know this and want people who can think outside the box and who are not afraid to take the initiative. Even though a background with education and a solid amount of work experience are very important in the working world, personal qualities are even more so in this case. Employers want to find people who are not necessarily fully experienced, but willing to go that extra mile and show enthusiasm in all areas of their work. This means that they will only continue to grow and be successful in the roles they’re given in the future.  

In conclusion, while working on your personal qualities and improving them is crucial – such as time management and self-confidence, you should try to do as much as possible that shows your passion for your work. This would include work experience, even unpaid indicates that this isn’t just another job for you. So, talk to your friends and family, and see if they know anybody willing to give you the opportunity to do some voluntary work at their workplace, and use it to learn about what makes an employee successful, and how you can be one too.  



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