A chartered legal executive is another career path you could take as an international graduate studying law. 

These are qualified lawyers who are experts in one specific area. This includes the sort of work most lawyers carry out, and can be in areas such as criminal law, business law, family law, and personal injury. 

As a chartered legal executive your duties will include advising clients, interviewing, negotiating, keeping up to date with new legislation, researching legal topics, and filing paperwork.  

This is a role where you'll be meeting a lot of new people and clients all the time, so it’s imperative that you have good communication and interpersonal skills. You will mostly work in an office, but you might have to travel to courts to meet clients. It can be a challenging job with stressful aspects, however there are also equal amounts of benefits; not to mention the fact that your work will significantly affect others’ lives enormously. 

Ultimate Earning Potential for International Students in the UK 

Position in Career  Associated Salary (UK)  
Chartered Institute of Legal Executives Student  If you want to become a charter legal executive, you must first complete the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEX) Professional Qualification. Once you successfully finish all three stages, you'll be considered a trainee. £15,000 - £28,000 
Qualified  After your training and education is completed, you'll be a qualified chartered legal executive, and be able to start working your dream career! You will be required to develop certain skills that your role will need, such as analytical skills, attention to detail and be able to work under pressure.  £28,000 - £38,000 
Experienced  A senior chartered legal has a higher salary and is typically someone with a great amount of experience and knowledge. They also have high positions in the legal sector they are employed at.  £35,000 - £55,000 

Top 10 Employers 

  1. Sevenoaks District Council 
  2. Standard Chartered 
  3. Deloitte 
  4. Thurrock Council 
  5. Santander 
  6. Sellick Partnership 
  7. Alvarez & Marsal 
  8. Goldman Sachs 
  9. G2 Legal Limited 
  10. One Housing Group 

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