Greece is one of the emerging international education destinations as it has a lot to offer to study abroad aspirants. The country borders North Macedonia, Albania, Turkey, and Bulgaria putting it at the crossroads of Asia and Europe. Apart from the strategic location, it boasts of quality education that fits within every budget. Further, the country has a rich history, diverse culture, easy lifestyle, and favourable weather. Not surprisingly, students from around the world want to explore the experience of studying in Greece. But before you go ahead with your plans, here are some tips that can make the journey smooth and pleasant.


Brushing up on the basics of the local language can make the ride a lot easier. Learn the words of everyday use because you will need them all the time. While you may find a good part of the population speaking and understanding English, knowing the language definitely helps. It lets you communicate and mingle with the locals, be more comfortable class='table table-striped' with the Greek fellow students, and navigate the daily tasks with ease. Ideally, you should start your language education even before arriving. A translator app can help when you are here. Make sure you learn, practice, and retain after starting your education in the country.


Learning the language gives you a good start in the country, but extensive research makes things even better. Pick the area and university, and find out all you can about them. Familiarise yourself with the location, nearby sites, and modes of transportation to check them out. Right now, you must also research the COVID-specific restrictions and safety measures in place. You may require tests and vaccines, and there could be quarantine requirements when you land here. Get all the latest updates to ensure that you need not stress out at the last moment.


Wherever your university in Greece is located, it is a good idea to explore the city right after you settle down. The best way to experience your new place is by walking through the neighbourhoods and relishing all that the city offers. If you are in Athens, you can access a treasure trove of historical and archaeological wonders. Have the Acropolis, the Ancient Greek Agora, and the Roman Agora on your bucket list. Visit the popular neighbourhoods like Kolonaki, Pagrati, Monastiraki, and Plaka as well. If walking isn't your forte, you can use public transportation to see the city without burning a hole in your wallet.


Greek food is famous for its variety, flavours, and versatility, so make sure you do not miss out on the treat. If you want to experience the best of Greek cuisine, eat where the locals do. Start with the restaurants in the areas that attract tourist traffic and make sure you do not just stick with the familiar menu items. Venture out to tavernas and experiment with the specialties and delicacies. The good thing about these venues is that they offer the best Greek hospitality experiences while being affordable.


Greece is also renowned for its cafe culture, and you shouldn't miss out on it. Find your favourites and have a good time with friends while enjoying coffee. It is one of the most preferred activities for international students as they get to sip a variety of coffee, tea, and blended beverage, relax, and meet new people at the local cafes.

Apart from the on-campus experience, off-campus time activities matter a lot for international students. Follow these simple tips in Greece, and you can relish the best that this incredible country has to offer.

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