A college education is not just about academics but also about all-around development. As an international student, you interact with people from different countries and cultures and develop confidence. Likewise, your experience during these years can have a far-reaching impact on your mental well-being. Being in the right place is crucial as it limits stress and reduces mental health concerns in the long run.

Conversely, you may suffer from problems like restlessness, irritability, sleep disturbances, and even depression if the environment is not good enough. It makes sense to consider the campus atmosphere when selecting a school to study abroad. It affects your college experience and, eventually, your mental health. Choosing the right one becomes even more vital in pandemic times as being far from your family is a daunting challenge. Here are some factors you must consider while taking your pick.


As an international student, will spend most of your time on college campus. You will hang out with friends here outside of lectures, study or work on group projects, attend events, and more. Look for a place that offers a warm look and feel as you tend to feel at home and secure here. Everything boils down to your preference as you may like a small campus or a sprawling one, a busy urban space or a park-like setting, or something historic or contemporary. You can research online and see campus pictures and videos to get a fair idea of its look and feel.


Besides offering a warm look and feel, an ideal college campus has plenty of green spaces and natural light. Both go a long way in promoting physical and mental well-being. Green spaces promise fresh and clean air that supports healthy lungs. Not to mention, greenery reduces stress and perks up your mood. Natural light also has a positive impact on mental wellness. Additionally, exposure to sunlight offers vitamin D, which strengthens your bones and bolsters immunity. You end up being more productive, healthier, and happier.


International students should look for a college where they have opportunities to socialize as it makes them feel wanted and accepted. Socializing promotes mental wellness in more than one way. You feel comfortable class='table table-striped' and confident with daily routines, school work, and relationships. Essentially, a campus should have coffee shops and common areas where students can connect with each other and forge friendships. While you interact with others, you must bear COVID-19 restrictions in mind.


As an international student, you will not only study throughout your degree years in the university. You will have personal needs to fulfil too. Access to off-campus amenities and student services also go a long way in improving your experience. Look for a campus where you can easily address your daily needs, whether on the campus itself or accessible locations nearby. Look beyond physical amenities like markets, dispensaries, and eateries. On-campus counselling makes a great addition as it ensures better mental health for students.


Another factor that makes a college campus stand apart is the availability of homely accommodation. It is always a better alternative to rented and shared accommodation off-campus. You get the benefits of accessibility, safety, time savings, and economy in the long run. Choosing an on-campus accommodation in the new normal requires a complete overview of amenities therein. Ideally, you should look for ones that offer single occupancy rooms and ensure social distancing in common areas.

Choosing a college as an international student requires a lot of research. While you must look for the right programme and budget fit, do not undermine the value of picking a campus that offers a good environment. A significant part of your student years are spent on campus, so make sure you are comfortable class='table table-striped' with the place.

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