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Resurrecting the SAT: Balancing Standardisation and Equity in Post-Pandemic Admissions

This article examines the decision made by many U.S. colleges and universities to reinstate the SAT requirement for applicants after temporarily dropping it during the COVID-19 pandemic. It explores the motivations behind this move and its potential impact on students, particularly in terms of equity and accessibility. Explore

10 Essential Tips for Nurturing your Child towards Success

This article offers 10 essential tips for parents to nurture their child's success. It emphasises the importance of setting goals, fostering a positive environment, developing a growth mindset, communication skills, resilience, a love for learning, and balancing academics with well-being to support their child's lifelong achievements. Know more

IIT Kharagpur Unveils Transformative Reforms in Undergraduate Programmes Aligning with NEP 2020

This article discusses the sweeping reforms introduced by the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT Kharagpur) for its undergraduate programmes, aligning them with the National Education Policy 2020. Key changes include five-year dual degree programmes, interdisciplinary learning, and increased global exposure opportunities for students. Read on

Dual Degree Vs Separate Degrees: Choosing the Right Path for Your Future

Confused about Dual Degrees vs Separate Degrees? This guide explores the pros, cons, and recognition of each option to help you choose the best fit for your academic and career goals. Know more

A Deep Dive into Banque Commune d Epreuves Exams for French Business Schools

This article delves into the intricacies of the Banque Commune d'Épreuves (BCE) exams, a centralised examination system used by leading French business schools for admission. It explores the exam structure, eligibility, preparation strategies, and the significance of BCE exams in accessing prestigious business programmes in France. Read on




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New Journalism School in the UK Aims to Combat Lack of Diversity in Creative Fields

The founder of the UK's first major Black children's magazine, Cocoa Girl, is opening the Cocoa School of Journalism and Creative Arts to tackle representation issues in creative industries. The school, based in London, will teach children news reporting, video editing, illustration, creative writing, and music, providing a hub to champion creativity and inspire the next generation to explore non-traditional career paths underrepresented by diverse voices.

French Bill Aims to Educate Youth on Sustainable Fashion

A bill proposed in the French Senate seeks to incorporate lessons on the environmental impact of the fashion industry and responsible consumption into the educational curriculum from an early age. Inspired by an Institut Français de la Mode student project, the legislation aims to raise awareness and encourage eco-conscious behaviour among future fashion consumers, emphasising individual responsibility and critical thinking towards unsustainable production models to transform society towards sustainability.

Swedish Universities Facing Financial Strain Despite Nobel Success

Swedish universities are grappling with mounting financial pressures. Lund is preparing a five-year plan to restore its finances, while Stockholm University's Department of Economic History and International Relations has implemented cost-saving measures like shared offices, reduced course durations, and a temporary halt on new PhD student admissions. However, these one-time savings are quickly offset by rising operational costs, as universities nationwide face a collective deficit of 1 billion kronor (€89 million) in 2023, exacerbated by government-mandated spending cuts.

Kazakhstan and South Korea Collaborate on Student Exchanges and AI Education

Through signed agreements, Kazakhstan will receive scholarships from Seoul for Kazakh students pursuing technical and engineering master's degrees at leading South Korean universities. Additionally, Kazakh graduates will teach Russian in South Korean schools, while efforts are underway to establish a Korean AI institute branch in Kazakhstan, fostering academic cooperation between the two nations.

ASU Launches First Online Italian Minor for Flexible Learning

Arizona State University introduces the nation's first online minor in Italian, offering flexible scheduling for students like military personnel, along with opportunities for research, internships, and study abroad programmes, enabling them to gain language proficiency and cultural knowledge for diverse career prospects.

Rising Concerns as Over a Third of IIT Bombay Students Remain Unplaced

Despite the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay's placement season spanning December to May, a significant 36% of the 2,000 registered students—712 hopefuls—are still awaiting job offers, raising concerns about campus placement rates and the impact of the global economic downturn on recruitment.

York University to Open Family Medicine-Focused Medical School in 2028

York University will open a new medical school in 2028, with a focus on family medicine, aiming to address the shortage of primary care physicians in Ontario, where 2.3 million residents currently lack a family doctor.

UM-Flint and AUS Forge Global Partnership for Dual Master's Degrees

The College of Innovation & Technology at the University of Michigan-Flint has formed an international partnership with the American University of Sharjah in the UAE for a dual master's degree programme. This collaboration aims to enhance educational opportunities and foster global learning experiences for students in cutting-edge disciplines like computer science, cybersecurity, data analytics, AI, and software engineering.

London Met's Sophomore Scholars Programme Gives HBCU Students "New Perspective"

The 2024 Sophomore Scholars Programme at London Metropolitan University provided nine students from US Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) an immersive week-long experience in London. Participants engaged in workshops, academic sessions, and cultural activities, gaining a "new perspective on life" and a deeper understanding of diversity and inclusion through this flagship HBCU partnership programme.

Ireland Emerges as Attractive Study Destination for South Asian Students

Amidst visa policy changes in the UK, Australia, and Canada, Ireland has witnessed a surge in international students from South Asia, especially India, with over 7,000 Indian students in 2023 compared to just 700 in 2013, owing to factors like English instruction, EU membership, scholarships, and affordable costs.

Australia's IEAA and China's CEAIE Sign Education Agreement

The International Education Association of Australia and the China Education Association for International Exchange have inked an agreement to promote closer education ties between the two countries. The partners aim to increase communication between institutes and schools, boosting academic exchange and student mobility across school, vocational, and higher education sectors, as China is Australia's largest source of international students.

Rosedale International Partners with Birmingham Academy to Offer Canadian High School Programme in Singapore

Rosedale International Education has signed a partnership with Singapore's Birmingham Academy to offer the Rosedale Global High School Programme starting in May 2024. Graduates will receive the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, allowing them to apply to universities worldwide. This partnership expands access to renowned Canadian education and reshapes global education, connecting students to top universities through events like the Global Student Success Forum. Birmingham Academy becomes the first Singaporean partner to offer this Canadian high school curriculum.


Vidya Sagar School, Chennai: Special School that Illuminates Pathways to Empowerment for Individuals with Special Needs


Explore Vidya Sagar in Chennai—an empowering haven for individuals with disabilities. Beyond academics, it offers a holistic approach, inclusive environment, and varied education programmes. Unlock boundless potential and embrace a brighter future at Vidya Sagar

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