Studying abroad is a dream for countless students, but achieving it is a long journey. The lack of knowledge about visa rules, money constraints, choosing the right destination, and picking the relevant programme are some challenges you can expect to face. The pandemic has added to the woes, as you have to struggle with additional questions relating to travel restrictions, vaccination norms, and quarantine guidelines. It is easy to get overwhelmed where there is so much to sort out.

You cannot rely on study abroad publications and websites alone, although they offer rich information. A large number of streams and sub-streams, laws and regulations, and pandemic norms require extensive research. Even if you gather information, you may still have some queries and doubts. It makes sense to get all the answers before going ahead so that you can be more confident about approval. Fortunately, you can seek guidance from an expert counsellor to get answers and do everything right. Here are some reasons every aspiring international student should collaborate with one.


A professional counsellor understands your requirements and suggests the best options for you. They assess your preferences, skills, and job expectations and match them with the right programmes. Consider it as guidance for a bright future that gets you closer to your dream career. You can even discuss your plans to settle abroad eventually, and they will recommend the country with a liberal approach to post-study work permits and immigration.


Apart from choosing the right destination and programme, you also need to pick the right university. Factors like reputation, culture and budget come into play in this context. While you can get basic information from the respective websites, a counsellor can help you choose the right university in the country of your choice. Things become a lot simpler if the destination has a long list of educational institutions.


Picking the right university is only a start, and the real challenge is getting into it. The admission process is daunting and cumbersome for international students. But going through a counsellor gives you an advantage. They ease the process for you by taking care of everything, from filling the forms to compiling the necessary documents and tracking the application status until you get approval. They can even guide you regarding education loans.


Although you have to handle the visa application on your own, collaborating with an educational consultant helps. They have contacts with the visa officials, so they can help you get quick approval. You need not worry about refusal or last-minute hassles about your student visa with a counsellor showing the way. You can clarify your doubts with them before applying for your visa.


Every education destination has specific pandemic norms for study visas, vaccination, travel, and quarantine right now. The bigger concern is that these norms are evolving, and they may differ on a day-to-day basis. Things can get confusing, and you may even end up missing your flight on failing to comply with the last-minute changes. A counsellor is a right person to guide you and ensure that you stay ahead of the norms.


Having an international education counsellor guiding you through your study abroad destination is the right approach. But everything boils down to choosing the right professional. Look for someone with relevant experience and a good track record. Reviews can give you a fair idea about their expertise and credibility. You can connect with them to ensure a comfort level. After all, you have to trust them with decisions regarding your future.

Materialising your study abroad plans requires good planning and guidance. A professional counsellor covers you on both fronts. They make the journey a tad easier and ensure that you make the right choices. Not to mention, you will feel secure and confident when you have an expert around.

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