Studying abroad is no mean feat because the challenges extend beyond getting admission in a programme and university of choice, fulfilling the visa formalities, and living in an unknown country. Funding is a daunting aspect that most study abroad aspirants and their parents struggle with. Still, international education is a dream that beckons thousands of students across the world every year.

Surprisingly, you can find opportunities to study abroad without student loans or funding woes. In fact, you can even find tuition-free universities if you look at the right places. There are several options to explore in Europe, a hub for affordable international education, with public universities offering free education for local and international students. The best thing about these universities is that they do not compromise with the quality of education, even while requiring students to pay nothing in the name of tuition fees.

You only have to incur the cost of travel and living at the destination rather than worry about tuition fees that run in thousands per annum in the paid universities. It means you need not give up on your dreams even as you run on tight budgets. If you want to try your luck despite cash constraints, we have a comprehensive list of tuition-free universities in Europe.



Germany tops the list of study abroad destinations for international students looking for low-cost options. It has as many as 17 free universities where they can study without tuition fees. The Free University of Berlin is among the best as it makes free undergraduate education accessible to local and international students. The university offers a range of programmes and excels in the fields of humanities and natural sciences.


The Humboldt University of Berlin is another leading institution where international students can study tuition-free. Located in Berlin, it is also among the top-ranked schools in Germany. Additionally, it is acclaimed as one of the best in Europe and the world, so you can study in one of the most prestigious universities on a budget. If you plan to pursue a degree in Arts and Humanities, this is an ideal option.


Students aspiring to specialise in the fields of Science and Engineering can explore the University of Bremen as their study abroad destination. The university is situated in the northwest region of the country and is home to more than 20,000 students, with a large number of international students. You can seek admission in programmes covering the earth, natural, and environmental sciences.



One of the largest universities in this part of the world, the University of Gothenburg has an average of 40,000 students on its rolls. It is one of the most popular destinations for international education aspirants choosing Sweden as their destination. The cultural diversity here stems from the fact that it welcomes students from around the world, while you have a wide choice of courses.


For those who want to study in a university at a scenic destination, the Dalarna University in Sweden is an excellent choice. It is a public university with zero tuition cost, making it a low-cost option for students as they have to bear only the cost of living. The university has more than 15,000 students annually. You can pick among a wide range of technology programmes on offer here.


Jönköping University is another Swedish destination that offers the opportunity for international students looking for a no-fee option, despite being a private university. Located near Vättern, one of the largest lakes in Europe, the university is acclaimed for its picturesque views. It is a prestigious institution with award-winning professors and alumni. The best thing about studying here is that classes are conducted in English, so you need not worry if you do not know Swedish.



The largest university in Norway, the NTNU offers its courses for free. It has nearly 40,000 students, which includes a good number of international students as well. The university is a hub for science students. Besides offering courses in the Sciences stream, the institution collaborates with leading research organizations around the world. A degree from this university promises a bright future ahead.


The University of Bergen is another tuition-free study abroad option in Norway. It lies in the southwestern part of the country and enrols 17,000 students annually. Those looking to access classes in English can join the institution and complete their programmes without language barriers. While you get myriad choices in undergraduate courses here, it is also ideal for those searching for a research-oriented institution.


A state university in Norway, the Nord University is a destination of choice for those looking to specialise in the field of education. You get access to excellent academics, along with high-end training and credentials. It is relatively smaller than the other institutions on the list but stands at par in terms of the internationally acclaimed courses it offers to students.



TheUniversity of Vaasa in Finland brings tuition-free courses in the field of business. You can focus on domains such as Accounting, Finance, Economics, Management, and Marketing. The small school gives an assurance of top-notch quality in education that provides a winning edge to students as they enter a competitive job market after completing their degree.

Apart from these tuition-free universities, there are plenty more where you can try your luck if you want to study abroad in Europe without spending a fortune. You need not stress even if you don’t get through into a no-cost institution because there are countless low-cost options in the continent. Further, there are scholarship opportunities for capable applicants. Getting to the right option can take some effort and research, but they are worthwhile as you can get a step closer to your study abroad dream, even as you want to achieve it on a budget.

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