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Explore India's diverse diploma and vocational training programmes. Find the perfect fit for your child's goals

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Match your child's career goals!

Explore our vast database of diploma and vocational training providers across India. Find detailed info on a wide range of programmes and get them started on student's career path.


Unbiased Guidance for Diplomas, Training, Scholarships & Career Path!

We offer unbiased advice on finding the perfect programme, exploring scholarships, and mapping out dream career paths. Our team supports your child every step of the way.


Skill Up & Save Up! Find Scholarships for Diploma & Vocational Studies in India!

Explore a wide range of scholarships specifically designed to support students pursuing Diploma and Vocational programmes in India. Find the perfect scholarship and embark on your child's exciting career journey.

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Find Your Perfect Fit: Online Skills & Role Assessments

Guide Their Future: Help your child discover their strengths and find the perfect career fit with our online skill and role-based assessments.

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Online & Distance Education Courses

Give your child the flexibility to learn their way with online and distance learning Diploma and Vocational training.

Explore a vast range of online and distance learning Diploma and Vocational training programmes. Whether they prefer structured learning or a more flexible schedule, we can help them find the perfect fit.


Launching Career Journey for your child: Internships & Apprenticeships

Support Their Career Exploration: Help your child gain valuable hands-on experience and discover their professional aspirations through internships and apprenticeships. .