If you’re still undecided on what to do with a biology degree or any science-related background, then maybe a career as a scientific laboratory technician is for you. 

Scientific laboratory technicians are people who carry out laboratory-based work in biological, physical or chemical areas to assist scientists in their work. These jobs can involve sampling, measuring, testing, and analysing findings as part of a team. Essentially, scientific laboratory technicians do a lot of varied jobs that keep a laboratory at a functionally optimal level. As you can imagine, this is an extremely important job as without them, scientists won’t be able to develop and advance modern science. The work you do will always include precise measurements and reliability because you’ll be working with computers and mathematical calculations, so if you have great attention to detail then this role will suit you.

Ultimate Earning Potential

Position in careerAssociated Salary (UK)
Entry Level Scientific Laboratory Technician Depending on whether you work at a large private company or not, you will enter entry level once you have the qualifications.£15,000 - £19,000
Experienced Scientific Laboratory Technician Gaining experience is important in any job and getting a degree in biology isn’t always enough. Once you are accepted in a role, your pay will increase with the more experience you have.£20,000 - £25,000
Senior Scientific Laboratory Technician Seniors are granted more responsibilities and duties than others, and therefore have management or supervisory positions that allow them to have a higher salary.£30,000 - £40,000

Top 10 Employers

  1. Life Science People
  2. BioGroup Laboratory
  3. King's College London
  4. Qualiteach Ltd
  5. Imperial College London
  6. The Francis Crick Institute
  7. Queen Mary University of London
  8. Vivid Healthcare Search Limited
  9. University of Central Lancashire
  10. University of Cambridge

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